There are various projects conducted in the lab. Here are some of our ongoing and completed ones.

6502 Microprocomputer

RITSUmaker 6502 microprocessors

The 6502 was a classic microprocessor used in 8-bit home computers such as the Commodore and the Atari, as well as the very first Apple computer. It was designed in the 1970s, over 40 years ago. In this project we created a complete 8-bit 6502-based microcomputer on a breadboard, using 32kB of RAM and 16kB of ROM. We use it for learning machine-code programming but it also runs one of the very first versions of Microsoft Basic, written in 1977.

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Simulations using Processing

RITSUmaker simulation

Processing is an IDE that is notable for creating graphics applications, compatible with various programming languages. Using the Python language, in this project we created an environmental ecology simulator. It shows how a community of simple organisms (depicted as tiny black squares) evolves through generations of birth, life, and death. Each organism follows very simple rules, but the behaviour of the whole community is extremely complex.

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3D modeling, design and printing

RITSUmaker 3D printing

Since our creative space is equipped with a 3D printer, 3D design and modeling is one of our natural project areas. Using the software Blender to model 3D objects, we create various designs and export them as STL files, which are like blueprints. The blueprints are imported into a slicer — a program that creates G-code, which includes all the instructions telling the printer how to create a physical model. The G-code tells the printer how fast to move the nozzles, the temperatures needed to print, what each layer should look like, and so on. Our designs include keychain ornaments (which we give away at our Open Campus events) and big logo letters for our lab (easily visible in the window of our lab, as you approach the main entrance to Creation Core).

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Web design and development

RITSUmaker web design and development

Designing and creating this website is one of our projects. We brainstormed various designs and experimented with font designs to create an effective website to describe our projects.

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