Time: 06/15 (Fri) 13:30~
Location: CreCore (BKC Creation Core 1F)
Language: English
Speaker: David A. Smith (CEO of, consulting AR/VR device designer for Huawei)

Poster: English, Japanese


ARCOS Augmented Reality is potentially the richest communication, collaboration and creation medium ever created. The largest challenge for application developers and hardware manufacturers is that the ‘MS-DOS of AR’ does not exist. Mass adoption will not occur without a common operating environment. The fragmented tools at hand are insufficient to maximize the rich creative, collaborative and commercial potential of the AR ecosystem.

ARCOS ARCOS, the Augmented Reality Collaborative Operating System, is a web-based AR creation and experience platform enabling users of any device to collaborate, create and explore in real time. As a universal OS, it facilitates cross-platform AR app development and enables the mass deployment of AR-enabled hardware.

ARCOS ARCOS is a fundamental extension to today’s web. Running on any modern web browser, it provides a common, real-time and fully collaborative experience for developers and users across all hardware types. Developers and users can instantly create secure spaces or micro-worlds, populate these worlds with smart collaborative objects (SCOs), and invite other users into the worlds to collaborate by bringing in tools, micro-apps and content. This dramatically increases the scope of the developer’s market and significantly lowers their development and deployment costs.

ARCOS is a direct descendent of the Open Croquet platform developed by David Smith, Andreas Raab, David P. Reed and Alan Kay.


David Smith

David A. Smith has been developing cutting-edge technology for 30 years, leading to products for real-time 3D, games, entertainment and enterprise applications. David wrote the first real-time 3D adventure/FPS game (The Colony) in 1987 and used the same technology to create the first real-time set design tool for Jim Cameron’s “The Abyss”. He created Virtus Walkthrough, the standard for set design visualisation in Hollywood for 20 years, and co-created companies with authors Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton. Until recently David was the Chief Innovation Officer and Senior Fellow at Lockheed Martin Corporation.