We are an open collaboratory (collaborative laboratory) for students and faculty at Ritsumeikan University BKC campus.

Located in CC207 in the Engineering Project Laboratory of the ISSE course, we are a creative space formed in 2017 to foster and support innovation and discovery. We are a community of like-minded people who want to acquire new skills, develop old ones, and who enjoy sharing knowledge with others or just simply love to create things for fun.

Our lab is specially made to be a place where anyone can build software and hardware prototypes for research or learning projects. It is also a venue for occasional seminars on topics of interest to hardware and software, and technology enthusiasts. We also organise seminars and public lectures for students, faculty and visitors held in more public areas of the college.

As most of our members come from different countries, we are also a multilingual environment where many languages are spoken. However, of course, English is our common language! Please do not be discouraged from communicating with our members, and becoming one or our members yourself! :)

We are always open to new members! If you are interested in joining please do come to our lab in CC207 around lunchtime any day, or send e-mail to ritsumaker@gmail.com.